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Light therapy

Synchronise your body clock and your lifestyle with just 30 mins of light therapy each morning.

What is Light Therapy?

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy works my mimicking the effect natural sunlight has on the timing of the circadian rhythm. 

Modern lifestyles mean people spend their day in a constant dim light environment. Strategically timed light therapy can supplement the circadian rhythm with the appropriate light triggers it needs.

Sula uses Blue-Turquoise (470-480nm) light because the circadian rhythm is most sensitive to light of this type.


Shorter wavelength Blue-Violet light of (>450nm) can be potentially harmful and have negative side effects. Importantly, Sula does not use this type of light although sometimes they are all referred to as 'blue light' there are considerable differences.

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Functional Lenses

Special artificial light filtering lenses protect your body clock from disruption at night and you can further customise by adding your prescription lens to increase functionality.


What are Artificial Light Filtering Lenses?

As a consequence of modern lifestyles and technological innovation we spend most of our time in a dim light environment illuminated by electrical light or from using a computer or phone.


In the evening and before our core body temp. minimum, which is a useful phase marker for the circadian rhythm, excessive light exposure will cause the circadian rhythm to be delayed. This effect will disrupt our normal sleep pattern and result in short sleeping.


To combat this Sula has special artificial light filtering lenses which when worn in the evening time will help protect the circadian rhythm from this type of disruption.

What are Artificial Light Filtering Lenses?

Thoughtful design

Discrete and ergonomic for everyday use while on the go.

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