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Synchronise your body clock with Sula.




The glasses that help you sleep better and perform better.

Combining design, great ergonomics and research backed light therapy to improve your sleep quality.

Great for body clock related sleep disruption.

Reduce the levels of sleep loss you experience from jet lag or shift work.

Improve your sleep quality and consistency.

Convenient and portable for use while on the go to address sleep disruption. Ensuring you can perform optimally.


Reduce The Pain Of

Jet Lag and Shift Work

Jet lag and shift work both can drain your energy, impair your concentration and disrupt your sleep. Sula can help you.

Recreating the effect of natural morning sunlight, Sula resets your body clock, leaving you refreshed and ready to go.

Boost Performance and Energy Levels

Light coming from digital displays interrupts our natural body clock, having a major negative impact on our sleep and general health.

Sula combines light therapy and special glasses lens, that block artificial blue light and protect our body clock.


Light Therapy

Safe, non-invasive and effective. Mimics the natural effect of morning sunlight.

Long Battery Life

Get a full week of daily use from a single charge. So your glasses are ready when you need them most.

Protective Lenses

Special artificial light filtering lenses protect your circadian rhythm from disruptive light emitted by digital displays.

Prescription Lenses

Customise your glasses by adding your prescription lenses.

Companion App

Choose your favourite sleep program and the app will create a custom sleep hygiene schedule for you.

Discrete and Portable

Fits inside a standard eyeglasses carry case which makes them super portable.


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