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Do I wear Sula Glasses when I sleep?

No! You will only need to wear Sula Glasses for 30 mins at a time during the day while you are awake. They are specifically designed to be used while on the go allowing you to go about your normal activities.


Can I add my prescription lenses to the Sula Glasses?

Yes, when you are ordering your glasses please choose the custom prescription option and we will collect your written prescription from you.


Are they heavy and will they fit my head?

While the Sula Glasses contain electronics and other elements their weight is very similar to standard eyewear and they do not feel excessively heavy on your head. We have engineered the design of the Sula Glasses to fit all kinds of head shapes and sizes.


How do I know when to wear them?

The Sula App will let you know when the most appropriate time to wear the Sula Glasses is.

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